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Technology Strategist | Digital Transformation Lead | Trainer | Keynote Speaker

Technology Strategist

I help companies make the right decision in technology investments.
More than 15 years, I have been professionally in business life.

Digital Transformation Lead

I lead teams for digital transformation projects based on customer engagement.
My area of expertise is planning the strategic processes of a company and making process improvements.

Trainer & Keynote Speaker

I deliver technology and strategy-based training. I try to help people achieve more with this training.
Also, I present original ideas on how to use technology for customer engagement.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, my topic titles are;

  • -Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • -Why Cloud Technologies are important for SMEs?
  • -CRM or CEM?
  • -Big Data & AI
  • -Data & Innovation
  • -Customer Loyalty
  • -Leadership for Remote Teams
  • -Marketing in the Digital Age – Future Trends
  • -Future of Business

Technological Skills Training

  • -Digital Technologies That Every Manager Should Understand – 2 Days
  • -Five Digital Technologies Every Manager Should Understand – 1 Day
  • -Change Management – 1 Day
  • -Fintech – 4 Days
  • -Customer Loyalty – 1 Day
  • -Leadership for Remote Teams – 1 Day
  • -Marketing in the Digital Age – Future Trends – 1 Day
  • -Future of Business – 1 Day

Microsoft Business Applications Training

As 10 times awarded Microsoft Business Application MVP, I deliver trainings on below technologies with my 15+ years knowledge and experience.

  • -Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • -Microsoft Power Platform
  • -AI and Insights Tools

Live Talk Shows and Podcasts

Two live shows every Tuesday and Thursday nights!!! and Podcasts series of these shows.

Notes to Future with Baris Kanlica: This is a 1:1 live show with a guest who has a well-known name and successful in business.

British Tea Turkish Coffee: This is a 1:1 live show with a guest who is living outside of Turkey and has a well-known name and successful in business.

Let’s work together on your next project

I took a role as a consult 200+ digital transformation projects, created 400+ articles and 100+ Videos also I spoke at 12 Countries, 29 Cities, and many online conferences…