About Me

Baris Kanlica

The Story

First of all, he is a husband and father, is a traveller, is a bookworm.

More than 15 years, he has been professionally in business life. His area of ​​expertise is to plan the strategic processes of a company and to make improvements in the process to ensure human and computer compatibility. It covers the planning of the company’s marketing, sales and service activities in the scope of the basic processes and making the computer-based software/hardware infrastructures suitable for the purpose. After meeting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1.2 version years ago, he has been working as a CRM software consultant in various positions within Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects for years.

He lives in London with the title of CEO at Mawens Business Solution, founded in 2015. He continues to develop CRM / xRM projects by consulting on Marketing and Strategic Management issues.

To date, he has developed more than 200 software projects for more than 150 companies at home and abroad and has received the Dynamics CRM MVP award and title many times since 2009 for his work in this field.

He has also been awarded the title of Digital Life Coach by Bilkom-Apple.

He speaks events/conferences at many universities, institutions. He is among the founders of the 365 Community, which organizes events about Dynamics 365 worldwide. ( https://www.365portal.org/ )

His articles are published in many sites as editor and writer.

About Mawens Business Solutions

With its expert team and high-scale projects, Mawens Business Solutions offers professional solutions to its customers using the latest technology in the ever-developing IT sector. With the vision, quality, experience, and values ​​it has, it has adopted the task of creating customized solutions for the company by integrating the dynamic processes experienced in Information Technologies to the needs of its customers.

Mawens acts with the awareness of turning the companies it works with into “Next Generation Businesses”. It aims to reveal the real potential of companies by establishing software infrastructures where companies’ business is carried out completely with all processes in the computer environment, and the people in the teams act independently with the company ecosystem in time and location. It does this by choosing the “Right Business Model” and “Managing Change” to ensure that the business communicates with the customer in the right, fast and easy way and by revealing the customer experience.

Mawens Business Solutions; In this context, it has taken its place among the most reliable software companies in the sector with hundreds of projects. with field offices in the first place not only in the UK and Turkey today, to help you be ready tomorrow focuses on delivering next-generation solutions.

For more information, you can visit https://mawens.com


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